Enhancing safety through permanent monitoring
snowcontrol scales are an effective and cost-saving alternative for monitoring roof loads - particularly on flat roofs - caused by snow and ice. Our patent-proof system represents an optimized model of a snow-scale. Due to its circular shape, just one weighing cell is necessary to calculate weights very precisely. Any other shape would have to use more than one cell, thus increasing risks of device failures and measuring errors. The system's low height guarantees for accurate mapping of roof waste heat. The farther away from the roof's top , the higher the measurement error. Snowdrifts are captured by the scale's open construction. Closed constructions tend to imply the risk of probing errors due to shaded areas.
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  • precise measurement of snowloads in kg/m2
  • simple and quick assembly and disassembly
  • no intervention in roof structure
  • energy-autonomous, immediately operational, no laying of cables necessary
  • adjustable alert levels
  • autonomous system error control
  • auto-notification in emergency cases via GSM module
  • very low operating weight
  • no more preparatory roof inspections necessary
  • potential connection to building technology
  • power supply and probing electronics are built-in waterproof
  • measurement by one high-precision weighing cell up to loads of 200kg
  • system access via internet
  • autonomous 24/7 system error control