System extensions

Our basic snowload probing system can be extended anytime with further optional sensors for monitoring your premises.
All sensors will send auto-notifications on exceeding customer adjusted alert levels via alert-SMS or e-mail.

Wind speed indicator:  wind speed indicator
The snowcontrol scaling-system for snowloads may be extended with an air speed indicator, adjustable to upper and lower limit values. 
On exceeding either of these alert levels you are auto-notified via SMS or e-mail.
By permanent auto-monitoring the wind regime on your flat roof, you are increasing the roof's safety and are preventing potential damage.

Technical data
  • Range: 0.5 - 50 m/s
  • Accuracy: +/- 3% of measured value or +/- 0.5 m/s
  • Current consumption: < 1mA
  • Environmental temperature ranges: -40 .. +70 °C
  • Safety class: IP 55

Immersion probe: Immersion probe
Our immersion probe allows for monitoring downpipes, drainpipes and similar devices. In case of downpipes blocked by leaves rainwater quickly retains.
In order to prevent potential seascapes on your roof building up considerable weight, you are auto-notified by this system extension.

Technical data
  • Accuracy: +/-0,5% v.M.B
  • Range: 0..600mbar
  • Resolution: better than 0.002% of total range

Rainfall signaler:rainfall signaler
This extention serves as an innovative rainfall intensity sensor.
The rainwater is collected via a funnel area and led to a tilting scale. On reaching its maximum capacity, the scale tilts.
Every tipping operation is captured contact-free. By applying this sensor, the precise amount of rain on your roof is captured,
so that you are able to react in time in case rainfall should exceed the alert limit.

Technical data
  • Principle of measurement: tilting scale
  • Resolutio: 0,1 mm NS
  • Collecting area: 200 cm2
  • Intensity: max. 11 mm/min.
  • Ambient temperature: : -25 ... +60 °C (with heating

Laser based precipitation monitor:Precipitation monitor

Our laser based rainfall monitoring system detects and measures various kinds of precipitation like
  • hail
  • drizzle
  • rain
  • snow

as well as mixed precipitation. The sensor is able to determine nature, intensity and even the spectrum of precipitation.

Technical data on request