impound water sensor

On flat roofs water often impounds on large scales, not draining off fast enough.
Also drainage deficiencies or blocked drains may lead to impounded water.
Water retentions like this should be noticed as soon as possible in order to prevent damage to the roof's structure or even structural collapse due to exceeding tolerable roof loads (according to a press article in Sueddeutsche Zeitung from Feb. 26, 2012 "Schuldach bricht ein" - School's roof collapses).
Due to our novel and innovative impound water sensor such hazardous situations can now be detected in time.

Impound water alert system - overview

Technical data

  • Ambient temperature: -40... +70°C
  • Accuracy: +/-5mm
  • Range: min. 5mm, max. probing height depends on height of installation
  • Current consumption: < 1mA
  • Safety class: IP55