snowcontrol Solar Schneelast System
snowcontrol solar measuring system
Mount, launch, ready...
snowcontrol captures snowloads on flat roofs triggering auto-alert in case of overload danger.
The system operates fully energy-autonomous.
No additional wiring necessary. No need for intervention in roof structures.
Designed for mobile deployment. Site of installation may be altered any time.

The system operates fully energy-autonomous. No need for intervention in roof structures!

The Measuring Unit (snow scale)
snowcontrol Solar Version The measuring unit is mounted directly to the roof. Due to the snow scale's low height and its open construction the snow scale features very little wind resistance and does not need to be fixed. Due to its open construction the snow cover's layering is captured accurately, guaranteeing for true measurement values of varying snow consistencies like ice, powder or wet snow. Only one single, high precision weighing cell is used for accurate scaling. The use of special plastics prevents freezing of the scaling platform.
  • integrated GSM modem
  • integrated battery backup up to 240h
  • fully energy-autonomous, plug and start system, no additional wiring necessary
  • simple and fast assembly and disassembly
  • no intervention in roof structure
  • 20W solar panel
  • measurement is accomplished using one single high precision weighing cell up to load capacities of 1000kg
  • alert auto-notification via SMS and e-mail

Technical data

  • GSM unit: SMS and e-mail alert notifications on exceeding adjusted limits
  • Dimensions: diameter 50cm, height 50cm
  • Measured unit: kg/m2
  • Weight: ca. 15kg
  • Accuracy: +/- 1kg
  • Max. range: 1000kg/m2
  • Material: UV-resistant PVC
  • 20W solar panel
  • integrated 12Ah standby current storage battery
  • up to 240h time buffer