Pegelsensor Hochwasser
Groundwater levels and the levels of major rivers are the best monitored levels all over Germany, whereas levels of creeks and smaller rivers are only controlled by local fire services. Ing. Büro Reisch's cost-saving level measurement system now allows for complete auto-monitoring. Due to permanent auto-monitoring, advance warning times for unexpected emergency cases caused by rapidly rising water levels are increased significantly.

Flood level sensor
The system is layed out for probing levels of rivers, creeks, open gulleys and channels that have to be monitored permanently. Due to its contact-free probing method, the device is not vulnerable to potential dirt, rubble and floating refuse. Contact-free probing also ensures low-maintenance operation and high reliability, in particular at high water levels or floods.
The sensor is simply mounted under bridges, ceilings of closed channels or any constructions built over rivers and creeks. Due to its solar panel and built in battery-backup, the system operates fully energy-autonomous.
Furthermore, an integrated GSM modem allows for remote maintenance as well as setting upper and lower alert levels. On exceeding either level the system auto-notifies registered users via SMS. The system also transmits probe values to our central database on an hourly basis. All level progessions can be accessed via internet from anywhere in the world.
Due to permanent monitoring advance warning times for flood situations are increased significantly. The system is easy to install and operate.
  • maintenance-free
  • no structural measures to body of water necessary
  • no hazard to system during floods
  • freely configurable alert levels
  • auto-notification via SMS and e-mail
  • continuous probing in logjam locations

  • Low energy consumption enables solar cell operation
  • Probing range 0.1 to 5.0m (10m optional)
  • Integrated GSM modem
  • 2 switching outputs for triggering external signal generators
  • Integrated 12h accumulator
  • Up to 240h buffering time
  • Safety class IP 66 / 67
  • Accuracy +/- 10mm
  • Temperature range -30 to +80 °C
  • Measuring principle ultrasound